Holy Trinity Church of Utica

Saturday Vigil Mass 5PM
Sunday Masses 8AM  10AM (English) 11:30 (Polish) followed by Gorzkie Zale
Palm Sunday Craft Workshop 11AM-2PM in the Church Social Rooms (side entrance)
Monday 8AM Morning Mass
Monday "The Light is On" Confessions from 4-7pm
Tuesday & Wednesday Masses at 7:15 and 8 AM
  • Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper 7PM
Good Friday 2pm The Passion
6pm Living Stations of the Cross with Parish Youth
7pm Gorzkie Zale
Food Blessing 9AM in Church, 12noon and 2pm in School Gym
Saint Michael's Lancers guard the tomb of Jesus
Candlelight Easter Vigil Saturday 8PM

Easter Sunday Masses:
8AM Resurrection Mass
10AM Mass in English
11:30AM Mass Latin

STATIONS OF THE CROSS every Friday during Lent at 12 noon and 6PM

Discover God’s love for you this Lenten Season!     Bible Study every Tuesday 6:30pm                                                                   Three Crosses

fatherjohnsmall                                                        Father John E. Mikalajunas

A warm welcome to new members of the Holy Trinity Parish Family. Father in heaven, Let our worship be always sincere and help us to find Your saving love in Your church. Holy Trinity has lots of activities both spiritually and socially for parishioners of all ages. “We pray and we play!” Come join us! Introduce yourself after Mass to one of the priests or stop by or call the rectory during the week.


» Serving the Greater Utica Catholic community for over 100 years
» Catering to both English and Polish speaking parishioners
» Daily Mass & Rosary – in a beautiful worship setting